Intentional beating by Berkut and torturing people

One of hospitalized protesters has his hand amputated, and three people have the eye-balls removed (the official information of the director of the Department of Health Protection of Kyiv City State Administration).

Weightlifters watered activists from water cannons and threw sound bombs for the whole night.

At the same time the Cabinet of Ministers removed restrictions for using water cannons at low temperatures.

Workers of the special department “Berkut” make hand-made grenades which wound people who are at barricades. “These grenades work as battle ones and they are made for destruction”, Parubiy said when he demonstrated journalists a military sound bomb which is turned into a battle one by Berkut men. They attach screws, iron frags and nails to a usual grenade which causes serious wounds to activists.

Video how the Berkut beats a man in cruel way in Grushevski street:

TSILYTSKI Vladyslav got severe injuries of the head (brain commotion), the hematoma of the eye, the knocked out jaw, the broken nose. The guy was beaten by Berkut men near the entrance to the stadium “Dynamo”.

BILAN Valentyna – the leg was wounded by a rubber bullet, severe injuries of ribs got in result of the beating by the Berkut.

KOVALYOV V.V., SUDROB A.V., KOVALCHUK A.M., MOSKALUK V.M., NYZKOGUZ M.Y., TSILYTSKI V.V., VOYTKO Y.S., SYDORENKO O.O., TUK F.F., TANAYEV S.M. – these are activists who are in the hospital now under police supervision, have severe injuries.

GAVRYLIAK Mychaylo – he was held and forced to get naked in the frost, then Berkut men took photo and video of him. After this he, naked, with the traces of beating was put to a police bus.